• According to the WHO definition "preemie"
    is a baby born between 22 and 37 weeks gestation.
  • In Poland one in ten babies are born prematurely.
  • Every year in Poland 28,000 babies
    are born preterm, which amounts to 7% of all the births
  • Premature babies are born with birth mass
    even below 1000 grams and can fit palm of a hand.
  • Let’s act together
    for better health of premature babies!

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The “Coalition for Preemies” is a social initiative which aims to put forward proposals for improvement in the health care system for premature babies, thus ensuring them a better start in life. Despite the fact that problems of premature infants and their parents are very serious, they can still be overcome. Regrettably, society still significantly lacks sufficient level of awareness on the issue.

In order for the goals of the “Coalition for Preemies” the be attained, we need the support of all those who care about the fate and needs of children.

To show your support, please sign in to our “Support Book”. Every voice of support is invaluable and shows that our activities are meaningful.

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