• According to the WHO definition "preemie"
    is a baby born between 22 and 37 weeks gestation.
  • In Poland one in ten babies are born prematurely.
  • Every year in Poland 28,000 babies
    are born preterm, which amounts to 7% of all the births
  • Premature babies are born with birth mass
    even below 1000 grams and can fit palm of a hand.
  • Let’s act together
    for better health of premature babies!

Rules and Terms of Use

General Provisions

„Coalition for Preemies” Website accessible at domain koalicjadlawczesniaka.pl, herein the Website, is an internet service run by the Polish Neonatological Society (PTN) – based in Warsaw at 2 Karowa Street. The following document regulates terms of use of the service by people using it, herein Users.


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The Website is intended for people interested in the activity of „Coalition for Preemies”. Data is published on the website for information purposes only. Polish Neonatological Society does not assume any liability for the accuracy, completeness and up-to-datedness of the information provided nor for its suitability for particular purposes of Users.

Final Considerations

Polish Neonatological Society has the right to alter this document at any time. The changes introduced are effective from the date of their publication on the Website.


General Information

Polish Neonatological Society respects the privacy of Users of www.koalicjadlawczesniaka.pl by using using appropriate technological solutions, whilst ensuring that the collected personal data will not reach third parties.

Collected Personal Data

  • Users of koalicjadlawczesniaka.pl website remain anonymous until the time when they decide to share their personal data through contact forms, „Coalition for Preemies” support form or supporting Coalition for Preemies on Facebook.
  • Personal data collected through forms and Facebook profile include: Name, Surname, e-mail address, City/Town. Please bear in mind that e-mail address will not be revealed on the Website. The data collected is used to fulfil the goals of „Coalition for Preemies” by the Polish Nenatological Society and are not shared with third parties.
  • Supporting „Coalition for Preemies” on Facebook will result in copying FB user’s data (Name Surname, E-mail address, City/Town) into the „Support Book” published on the Website under „Support Us” tab. Only the name, surname and city/town will be visible on the Website.
  • Information stating that the user has expressed support for „Coalition for Preemies” will appear on the user’s timeline on Facebook.
  • Each user supporting „Coalition for Preemies” (both through the form available on the Website and through the Facebook profile) will receive thank you e-mail.
  • In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act currently in force, consent to data processing for the purposes of the Polish Neonatological Society shall be included.
  • The user has the right to supplement, update, rectify personal data, temporarily or permanently suspend or delete them if they are incomplete, out-dated or collected in violation of the law or are no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected, and the right to object as to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes
  • Access to the collected data is reserved for authorized employees of the Polish Neonatological Society.

Final Remarks

  • The development of the Polish Neonatological Society as well as development of technologies used may result in modifications of our privacy policy which we will update accordingly in this document.
  • Being aware of the possibility of additional queries we would like to kindly ask you to contact us at biuro@koalicjadlawczesniaka.pl
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