• According to the WHO definition "preemie"
    is a baby born between 22 and 37 weeks gestation.
  • In Poland one in ten babies are born prematurely.
  • Every year in Poland 28,000 babies
    are born preterm, which amounts to 7% of all the births
  • Premature babies are born with birth mass
    even below 1000 grams and can fit palm of a hand.
  • Let’s act together
    for better health of premature babies!
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    Polish Neonatal Society

    The Polish Neonatal Society brings together experts from across the country. The goals of the society include the dissemination of medical knowledge with emphasis on neonatology, participation in creation and implementation of care programmes (both organisational and health care) dedicated to preterm babies, raising the level of academic and professional qualifications of paediatricians and neonatologists as well as spreading the rules of professional conduct and professional ethics.
  • National Consultant in Neonatology


    Prof. dr hab. med. Ewa Helwich

    Professor Helwich is a paediatrician, specialising in lung diseases and neonatology. Her interests particularly focus on development abnormalities of foetuses and infants, issues in intensive care of infants with very low (< 1500 grams) and extremely low (<1000 grams) body mass as well as diagnostic imaging of the central nervous system of foetuses and infants. Since 2002 she has served as the National Consultant in Neonatology. Between 2003 and 2006 she acted as President of the Polish Society of Perinatal Medicine.

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    Polish Children’s Fund

    One of the goals that has been leading the Fund from its conception has been to raise the level of children’s health care in Poland to the current level of scientific knowledge and the standards of the World Health Organization. Since 1983 the society has been increasingly devoted to the programme of assistance for outstandingly talented children.
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    Watch Health Care Foundation (WHC)

    Watch Health Care Foundation was established in 2010. The inspiration behind its creation was the growing discrepancy between the content of health benefits provided and the size of the financial resources from basic insurance spent on health insurance in Poland. This disproportion results in a particularly damaging restriction of access to health services in Poland. The registry collects and displays data on health services and medical procedures with difficult access. The sick, other residents, health insurers, policy makers and regulators can access the collected information in the form of rankings without charge.

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