• According to the WHO definition "preemie"
    is a baby born between 22 and 37 weeks gestation.
  • In Poland one in ten babies are born prematurely.
  • Every year in Poland 28,000 babies
    are born preterm, which amounts to 7% of all the births
  • Premature babies are born with birth mass
    even below 1000 grams and can fit palm of a hand.
  • Let’s act together
    for better health of premature babies!

About Coalition for Preemies

The youngest citizens in our country are born with a birth mass of less than 1000 grams. These babies are so tiny and fragile that very often their parents are too afraid to even touch them. Their first days, weeks and months are a constant, unfair battle for breath, food and survival. The external environment is far from smoothing the way for them too. Immature immune systems and underdeveloped respiratory ducts make preemies prone to various infections, a lot of which are life-threatening. On top of that, they have to deal with neurological complications, problems with feeding or the need for physiotherapy. It is not possible to prepare for the role of parent to a premature baby – it’s always a shocking, sudden event which in the long term demands inexplicable effort in caring for the new-born.

Chances of survival and further healthy development of a preterm baby depend, among other things, on the care that the baby receives both after delivery and after leaving the hospital. Emphasis should also be put on education for future parents, current parents of preemies but also of the society as a whole, which still doesn’t know much about the problems that premature babies and their families have to face.

Poland is still lacking comprehensive programmes dedicated to parents and preemies.

“Coalition for Preemies” was established in March 2012, as an initiative of the Polish Neonatal Society in cooperation with National Consultant in Neonatology, National Children Fund and the Watch Health Care Foundation (WHC). The main aim of the Coalition is to improve the health of preterm babies by creating a programme of comprehensive care for preemies, which will enable them to have a healthy start in life.

“Coalition for Preemies” brings together people and institutions who engage in the affairs of those Smallest Ones in our society. The Coalition aims to increase social awareness of prematurity through various educational projects and to engage in activities directed at the timely eradication of differences in development between preterm infants and babies born in due time. In pursuing these goals, the Coalition strives to cooperate with national and local government bodies, healthcare institutions, foundations and associations as well as legal and other professionals – in other words, everyone who can support the educational activity that will enable our preemies to have the same chances as other infants.

Contact Details

Coalition for Preemies Office
38 Turkusowa Street
05-077 Warsaw, Poland